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As Chartered Accountants we understand the importance of the Chartered Accountants Program in a candidates overall career development. We also recognise the need for the candidate to have support in their learning and professional development that matches their own learning requirements. After more than fifteen (15) years of formal learning candidates will have developed their own learning style.

The primary focus with all our assistance is to ensure a candidate passes first time but against the background of not “spoon-feeding”. The Chartered Accountants Program of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAA) is a highly regarded qualification. The candidate must access information, read legislation / standards and be able to understand and apply technical concepts to practical situations. This is all in addition to the normal requirements of a candidate’s working life. This is what it means to be professional and this is why we stand by our philosophy that “Thinking is not Optional”.

In actual fact this has been our philosophy since our establishment and is probably as relevant if not more relevant today when you consider the ICAA’s current approach to the Chartered Accountants Program.

As a result candidates need to appreciate and have constantly re-inforced that the key to the Chartered Accountants Program is not so much the final answer. It is the “journey” to arrive at the answer and in turn the candidate’s ability to interpret the facts, identify the issue and apply their knowledge.

Invariably candidates are required to learn based on one scenario and then to apply this learning to alternate scenarios where a degree of thought is required to connect or link the scenarios and to appreciate that linkage. Our philosophy is to be constantly challenging the candidates in their thought processes and to be having them reflect upon the linkages of their learning to accommodate the ICAA approach.

Candidates also need to appreciate that the requirement for thought is not accommodated via:

Candidate’s who adopt this approach are well on the path to failure and in fact are diminishing the gains that their Chartered Accountants Program studies should provide to their own professional development. Of course the “thinking” aspect is also to the benefit of the firm as candidates should be able to take the ability to identify issues across the broad spectrum of their studies back to their client work which would aide a professional service.

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