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Learning Characteristics

We have already stated that we perceive part of our uniqueness as being the experience of our presenters and the writers of our material. This uniqueness we believe is illustrated through the services that we have provided to select Big-4 firms, for the core modules, over the last four to five years. Our records indicate that we have attracted on average greater than seventy-five per-cent (75%) of the candidates attempting a module to our three-day technical sessions course and an even higher percentage to our one-day examination technique course even though attendance is at the discretion of the candidate.

The technical sessions and examination assistance course are developed against the recognition that we as individuals all perceive and process information in different ways which gives everyone a unique learning style. This unique learning style must be then taken into account when planning, developing and presenting a training session. We also recognise that we develop preferences for the use of particular sensory systems in terms of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic which we accommodate through the training.

Specifically those principles that we incorporate into our Chartered Accountants Program technical sessions include:



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