CA Study Assistance

Our CA Study Assistance program is well known for its quality and relevance.

Since the establishment of Professional Learning Systems Australia in 1997 we have specialised in providing study assistance for the Institute of Chartered Accountants “Chartered Accountants Program”. We have grown throughout this time to be successfully assisting a broad spectrum of candidates with their studies from:

The success of our program is that our learning system recognises that we all learn in different ways. Some candidates require face-to-face training with the ability to interact and question whilst others are more comfortable doing self-study.

We see our uniqueness with a candidate's study assistance as being the experience of both the presenters who lead the courses and the authors of our written material. Their technical expertise is enhanced with the practical focus that they adopt on the back of a number of years involvement in providing study assistance on various components of the Chartered Accountants Program or its predecessors and having undertaken the program themselves.

Additional guidance on our CA Study Assistance program can be found at:

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