“The Success of our Program is
that our learning system
recognises that
we all learn in different ways

Welcome to Professional Learning Systems Australia

Professional Learning Systems Australia is a national provider of professional training specifically designed for accountants by accountants. Your success, whether it be the success of the individual or the firm, we believe is dependant upon the development of technical skills and their practical application. At an individual level the “success” is on the development of professional technical and application skills to enhance career progression.

At the “firm” level the success is governed by:

The “ongoing” development and retention of these skills by an organisation is seen as a determining factor in a firm’s success. In turn the development of these skills is dependant upon the “education” of today’s ‘accountants’. Established in 1997 the range of services offered now extends to:

For additional details on these services we refer you to:

CA Study Assistance
Firm Specific Training